The purpose of the Finnish Arab Horse Society is to promote and support activities and cooperation between arabian horse enthusiastics. The society has been established to serve arabian horse owners, breeders and everybody else interested in arabian horses. The society will do its best to act as a source of information as well as act as a link between the members.

The Finnish Arab Horse Society has been established in 1982 to promote in all possible ways the use and breeding of arabian horses in Finland. Membership can be granted to anybody interested in arabian horses.

Sahy activities
Sahy organizes arabian horse shows and other arabian horse related events, like courses and training events. Association publishes a magazine, which is being issued 2-4 times per year. Sahy collaborates with Finnish Hippos on registration matters. The association also publishes Stud Book pedigree books. The best arabian horses will be awarded in the annual arabian sport horse competition. In addition to all this Sahy wishes to participate in the other equestrian events with a stand to promote arabian horses and to sell association’s promotional material. Sahy is a member of WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organization) and ECAHO (European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations).

If you want to join our society:

Send your information (name, address, phone number, date of birth, email and names of owned arab horses) to Johanna Kauhanen

Please wait until she send for you invoice which you can pay your member fee.

Membership fees 2017

Senior member (over 18 years) 40 e
Junior member (under 18 years) 22 e
Family member (if someone a same family already has a member of SAHY) 15 e

Member year = calendar year, please pay only one year at a time.

You can reach the board by mailing: johtokunta -at-

Board members 2017

Eija Lipponen, eijlipponen -at-
Chairman of the board
+358 40 416 9405
Krista Huuskola, krista.vehanen -at-
Topi Kuusinen
Vice chairman of the board, International business
Marketta Sandberg, nauriskyto -at-
Member of the board
Veera Lammenaho, veera.lammenaho -at-
Member of the board and SAHY Magazine
Tarja Taive, tarenro1 -at-
Member of the board

Other contacts 2017

Member registetration Johanna Kauhanen
rekisteri – at –

Treasurer Hanna Sinkkonen
hanna.sinkkonen -at-
Mansikkaojantie 298, 25380 Salo, FINLAND
+358 40 732 8171
Horse registration Suomen Hippos ry
Mirka Kivelä, mirka.kivela -at-
Tulkinkuja 3, 02600 Espoo, FINLAND
+358 20 760 5263
SAHY register Tuija Sipilä, tuija.sipila -at-
Koivuntie 26, 49540 Metsäkylä, FINLAND
+358 400 251 749

SAHY aims to organize one ECAHO show per year. Invitations to other international shows will be published on the SAHY website in case the organizer has provided SAHY with the necessary information. In addition SAHY will organize shows open to all breeds with a special arabian horse class.